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We provide a complete equipment hire, transport, storage and set-up service for bands who want an easy, hassle free tour.  

  • Equipment hire & set-up

  • Equipment logistics  

  • Secure storage for equipment

  • Meet and greet upon arrival

  • Band premium venue transport

  • Rehearsal & recording studio

  • Photo & Videography 

  • Backline

  • PA & Audio Systems 

  • Lighting

  • DJ Equipment 

  • Venue/Bar installations 

  • Staging 

Equipment for Hire 

What we can do 

Our Services

Peter Webber Hire

Complete touring package

Through our business partners, we can provide you with a complete touring package. This can start from the moment you land until the moment return home. 

  • Meet & Greet at airport

  • Band and crew transportation

  • Equipment Logistics A to B to C ...

  • Equipment Storage (very secure)

  • Rehearsal and recording studio 

  • Photo and videography


Vans for Bands

Band Touring Transport Hire

  • Located in Bristol, London & Oxford

  • Splitter vans

  • Sleeper coaches

  • Nightliners


star movment.png.jpg

Star Movement

Equipment Logistics & Storage 

  • Located near Heathrow airport

  • Highly secure storage for equipment

  • Equipment transport and logistics 

  • Rehearsal and recording studios

DJohnson Visuals_BLK_logo.png

D Johnson Visuals

Photo  & Videography

  • Located in London, covering the UK & Europe

  • Photography for bands playing live, in rehearsals and promos

  • Videography for bands on tour, in recording studios or promo videos

Our Partner's Services
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